Opposition, police trade unions say Carmen Dan’s resignation is coming too late


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USR chairman Dan Barna has stated on Tuesday that the reshuffle of the Dancila Government is coming too late, while confirming the Social Democrat party is a decaying party.

“The reshuffle confirms what Romanians have seen after May 26, a decaying PSD, where internal fights are more acute than ever, with each fiefdom trying to expand its influence and domination, just like in the Middle Ages.

Carmen Dan’s resignation, actually dismissal, is coming too late, after she had practically controlled the attack against citizens on August 10, the remand of the protesters in Topoloveni and the blockage of Targoviste city.

Mrs Dan should have resigned a year ago, but, at the at time, Mrs Viorica Dancila, a puppet of Liviu Dragnea back then, preferred to maintain her in office too long,” Dan Barna told RFI.

The USR leader has also slammed the appointment of Ramona Manescu as Foreign Minister.

Let’s not forget that Mrs Manescu was precisely questioning the European Commission in 2010 why we would need DNA, for it is overlapping the Prosecutor’s Office activity. So, she is far from being the moral professional version. Not to mention she organised Dancila’s visits in the Arab Emirates, some luxury trips that generated zero economic benefits for Romania,” Barna stated.

Police trade unions slam Carmen Dan’s mandate

The leader of the National Policemen Trade Union, Dumitru Coarna has said that resigning minister Carmen Dan had been the weakest minister in the Interior Ministry’s history, “boasting” four policemen as victims.

According to Coarna, Carmen Dan was not entitled to lead the Interior Ministry from the very beginning, accusing that she had been appointed by Liviu Dragnea, but she had lost endorsement after the former PSD leader had been imprisoned. “We have four policemen dead under Carmen Dan’s mandate, one in Timisoara, another one in Suceava, one in Maramures and another one dead of burnout. This is Carmen Dan, total disaster”, the police trade union leader said.

Europol trade unionists have also critised Dan’s term as Interior minister.

“During her two-year-and-a-half term at the helm of the Interior Ministry, Carmen Dan generated the biggest chaos that this ministry has known after 1989,” they said.


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