Opposition’s censure motion, signed by 163 MPs, filed in Parliament. The vote-on Thursday. How are negotiations going?

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The censure motion entitled “Enough! Dragnea – Dancila Government, shame of Romania!,” initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Save Romania Union (USR) and the People’s Movement Party (PMP), has been filed in Parliament on Friday.

The document is signed by 163 lawmakers.

PNL senator Florin Citu said that the party has has discussions with ten senators from the ruling coalition to endorse the censure motion.

“Colleagues from PRO Romania (the party set up by ex-PM Victor Ponta) have signed the motion and discussions go on until the last moment with the lawmakers from PSD and UDMR and I can tell you that, for the first time, it is an important group of senators from the ruling coalition that want to vote this motion. We might have surprises in Senate, there are more than 10 names whom I spoke to. We are still negotiating though,” Citu explained.
The motion will be read in Parliament on Monday and will be put to vote on Thursday.
In retort to the no-confidence vote, vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Florin Iordache (PSD) said the motion had been filed “to a mock” and that not even the Opposition lawmakers want it to pass.

According to the regulations of both Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, the censure motion, initiated by at least one third of the total number of deputies and senators, is introduced to the standing bureaus of the two chambers and communicated to the Government by the Chamber Speaker the precise day it is filed.

The censure motion is presented in a joint session of the two Chambers in maximum five days since its lodging. The debate on the no-confidence vote takes place three days after it is presented in the joint meeting of the two Chambers.

The date when it will be debated is communicated to the Government by the Chamber of Deputies Speaker 24 hours prior to it. 233 MPs should vote in favor of the motion for it to be adopted. The voting is secret, with balls.

The signatories of the motion reproach Dancila Cabinet it had not observed the ruling programme, that it had amended the justice laws to protect offenders and that it had revised the pensions law.

The dummy government of offender Liviu Dragnea must leave today! This is not a request made by the Opposition, but it is a national emergency! The criminal organized group led by Liviu Dragnea has weakened the state in order to subdue it (…) We strongly assert that it is dangerous for the national interests that the country stays in the hands of this criminal organized group that is destroying the rule of law and blowing up Romania’s political and economic stability, in a moment of international instability. Those who will try to save Liviu Dragnea again, against Romania, will carry a historical responsibility on their shoulders. For the choice you will make today, ladies and gentlemen from PSD, ALDE and UDMR, is between Liviu Dragnea and Romania”, says the introduction of the censure motion.

The Opposition parties have also forwarded their proposals in case the Parliament passes the no-confidence vote. They propose a “thinner” Government, with maximum 15 ministries and 45 secretaries of state, as well as increased sums of money to be allotted to the Education sector and also the rise of the pension point as of January next year.

“Dancila Government will be toppled down and in its place we’ll propose a thinner, European government with maximum 15 ministries and maximum 45 secretaries of state. We’ll kick off an ample process of cutting the public money waste, which will start with the restructuring of the public central administration, by curbing the number of government agencies and by restructuring expenses for goods ans services in the public administration. The administration placed in the service of citizens, nephews and friends will be out!,” the signatories of the motion said.

One of their proposals refers to allotting up to 6% of the GDP for the education system, while the measures for the economy are related to the removal of the split VAT, of the the over-excise duty and of over taxation of the part time work contracts.

Iohannis: An important test

President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that the censure motion represents an important test for both Opposition and Power and it would be “really strange” for this instrument to be yielded.

The censure motion is the main instrument of the Opposition in Parliament. It would even be strange for this instrument to be yielded. They have the right to file a censure motion once per session and they will do it. It’s an important test for the Opposition and for the Power,” said Iohannis.

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