Option of Ludovic Orban PM again, back on the list, Florin Citu yet denies to step aside, sources claim. USR-PLUS also rejects it


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After Dan Barna had proposed that he, Ludovic Orban and Kelemen Hunor should be deputy PMs, and suggested another person for the Chamber Speaker position: Cătălin Drulă, Liberals are considering to propose Ludovic Orban again for the PM seat, as a solution to unblock negotiations to form a new Cabinet, sources from PNL told mainstream mass media.

Ludovic Orban would have told Liberals within the party meeting on Tuesday evening that it was USR-PLUS that had explicitly advanced the option he would take over again the PM seat within the weekend negotiations and that UDMR would have agreed to that.

According to the sources, the PNL chairman had presented in today’s discussions a flexible option to resume negotiations, namely to enforce the D’Hondt drawings system, with PNL making the first choice.

According to this system, PNL will designate the PM and will have the second option for the leadership of the two chambers of the Parliament.
However, more sources revealed that the Liberal leaders convened in an informal meeting on Tuesday evening had actually confronted Ludovic Orban, contesting his desire to be PM again. Moreover, Florin Citu would have refused to withdraw his bid, arguing that he will step down only if the PNL’s national Standing Bureau votes for that.

On top of that, USR-PLUS are strongly denying that they would have proposed Orban back again at the helm of the Executive.

“All stances voiced during the weekend were that we must share the three top positions – Gov’t, Senate and Chamber of Deputies. Now, Orban is forcing the interpretation that anyone from each party can take those seats. We worked during the weekend on two PM scenarios on the table: Citu and Ciolos”, a USR-PLUS leader told journalists.

Moreover, the option of Orban PM again was publicly rejected by Dacian Ciolos, co-chairman of USR-PLUS.

“The USR-PLUS message is simple: we meant it when we said that a new start is needed for Romania”, Ciolos posted on Facebook.

Later on Wednesday, USR-PLUS has sent an official message on a potential designation of Ludovic Orban for the PM position, arguing it “does not respond to the expectations of the centre-right wing voters”, who “want a fresh start and a ruling with a reformist mandate”.

In a press release, USR-PLUS voices its wish to continue discussions about forming a coalition, yet stating that “the considered PM options are Dacian Cioloș or Florin Cîțu.”

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