Orban Cabinet II sworn in under unprecedented procedure


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The Parliament has voted Orban Government II on Saturday after an unprecedented procedure, as PSD votes have been decisive and several Liberal MPs have missed the plenary session after they had been placed in self-isolation after having been in contact with senator Vergil Chitac, who tested positive for Coronavirus on Friday.

Liberal PM Ludovic Orban himself is in isolation at Vila Lac until March 23, but he will get out to attend the swearing-in ceremony at Cotroceni Presidential Palace, following a last minute decision that allows members of the government to get out of self-isolation under exceptional situations and providing they observe certain conditions. However, the first test that Orban did tested negative.

The second Orban Cabinet passed by 286 votes to 23 against and one abstention. Among the MPs who voted against, there were also Pro Romania MPs. Victor Ponta said that his vote is against the “selfish and disastrous way in which PNL is treating the country in these moments of crisis”.

PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu said on Facebook that PSD is voting the government now for it’s a crisis situation, but after the vote today PSD will exercise total opposition against Orban Cabinet.

Only 40 Liberal MPs attended and voted the government amid self-isolation measures.

The vote took place in a disinfected hall and lasted six hours. Mass media was not allowed to attend. MPs entered the plenary session hall at a time, in small groups and wore masks and gloves.

As for the swearing-in ceremony at the Cotroceni Palace, the prime minister and the ministers will have to keep a 5 metres distance from President Iohannis and are compelled to wear protective masks.

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