Orban Gov’t to take responsibility in Parliament on the 2020 draft budget


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The Government is taking responsibility in Parliament on the 2020 draft budget, PM Ludovic Orban announced in the Government sitting today.

“We decided to take the responsibility for three draft laws: the State Budget Law, the Social Securities Law and the Law revising the GEO 114, which caused devastating effects on the Romanian economy.

Taking responsibility in parliament is a responsible and necessary decision to meet the target of having a state budget by December 31, a budget based on the economic realities and capable to provide every Romanian, every company or local authority the possibility to know what to expect for the next year”, Orban said.

The PM argued that a normal debate in Parliament on the state budget law would mean a delay in adopting the budget.

“It would be difficult to adopt the state budget and the social securities budget by the end of this year under the regular debate”.

President Klaus Iohannis had stated yesterday that he would endorse the Goverment’s taking responsibility over the budget in Parliament. Iohannis said the 2020 budget is a good draft that allows the continuation of the positive policy on salaries and pensions.

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