Ordinance on curtailing sentences for inmates publishing scientific works, published by the Official Gazette


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The emergency ordinance suspending until September 1, 2016 the regulation regarding the curtailing of sentences for inmates by 30 days for any scientific work published was published on Tuesday by the Official Gazette.
The government decided on Wednesday to the regulation.
The information has been confirmed at the time by the government spokesman Dan Suciu, who underscored the decision is to suspend it, not to repeal it, as it has taken into consideration the suggestions coming from the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM).
The Government had on the agenda last Wednesday an emergency ordinance drawn by the Justice Ministry on repealing curtailing the sentences on inmates who publish scientific books.
Justice Minister Raluca Prună informed at the Superior Council of Magistracy’s meeting on January 28 that the article allowing convicts who write scientific papers to have their jail time shortened would be repealed.

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