Other PSD leader lashes out against ex-PM Ponta. Oprisan: ‘Basescu and Maior made Ponta the PSD chairman’

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After former SocDem leader and ex-district 5 mayor Marian Vanghelie had slammed the former premier and party chairman Victor Ponta, now another high-ranking official, Marian Oprisan (the leader of the PSD Vrancea organization) has launched new accusations against Ponta.

According to Oprisan, the former president Traian Basescu and former intelligence head George Maior were the ones who ‘made’ Victor Ponta the chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD).

Oprisan said on Monday that it all started in 2009, “when the bullet went past Traian Basescu’s head, for Mircea Geoana was on the verge of beating him in the presidential elections.”

Actually, Romanians don’t really know if Traian Basescu won he presidential elections in 2009, for in fact Mircea Geoana did. Moves made by some or others, with the foreign embassies, with what happened in Paris and all the other places, eventually made Basescu the winner of the elections. And then, knowing very clearly that PDL will go bankrupt, he (e.n. Traian Basescu) has sought together with George Maior to seize the main opposition party at that time, meaning PSD. And they have clearly supported Victor Ponta to become the party’s chairman. Traian Basescu and George Maior made Victor Ponta the PSD chairman,” Oprisan claimed, adding that “Traian Basescu asked George Maior to take care of this matter”.

And George Maior did took care. George Maior called Miron Mitrea (former PSD leader, ex-minister of Transports), he also talked to others to get support for Victor Ponta. In fact, the plan was as following: so that no one should held Basescu responsible for his wrongdoings after he ended his term as President and that a new system should take over: Victor Ponta-as president, George Maior as prime minister and Gabriel Oprea as SRI director. I didn’t have a good relation with Victor Ponta when he was prime-minister (…) their plan failed and Victor Ponta didn’t become Romania’s president, God forbid! And somebody else became president, someone who proved he can be a good mediator of the Romanian society,” Oprisan further said.

He also accused Ponta he had played a crucial role in designing the ‘parallel system’ and in drafting the laws that ‘helped some prosecutors commit abuses’.

Oprisan also underlined that Ponta was the chairman of the committee that drafted the criminal codes. “So, he’d better stop labeling us, the PSD members, in any way, for he is in fact the one who, together with Traian Basescu and George Maior, has built a scamp-like state, which allowed some of the Romanian prosecutors and judges-few of them, fortunately-to commit abuses and enable some political settlings of scores,” the Vrancea party leader concluded.

Oprisan on Dragnea’s alleged attendance at SRI’s private parties: He attended, but….”

At the same time, Marian Oprisan revealed that PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea had attended the SRI’s private parties, yet hinting that Dragnea had to attend, otherwise he would have gone to jail.

He attended for he had to, otherwise he would have gone to jail if he hadn’t done what they told him to do,” Oprisan said when asked of Liviu Dragnea used to go the private parties hosted by SRI. Oprisan added that “if someone thinks he had anything with the intelligence services in the negative way, he is mad.

Yet, Dragnea keeps on denying he attended those parties, saying he only went to the official events.

I attended official events where there were 100 people, from the prosecutor’s offices, from the High Court…I have never attended any birthday parties of any leader or slaughtered any pig at SRI,” Dragnea commented.



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