Outgoing PM Dancila booed during visit in Timisoara. Explanations on her poor English: We are in Romania

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Dismissed prime minister Viorica Dancila was booed during her electoral visit to Timisoara. A group of protesters welcomed her with anti-governmental banners and with a bucket of rocks at the office of Timisoara County Council. People shouted: “Liar”, “Illiterate”, “Hands off the hospital for children with cancer!”. Timiș Online reports.

Questioned why she is not good at speaking in English, Dancila replied that we are in Romania and we have to be proud we are Romanians.

“Related to English, we are in Romania. Let’s be proud of being Romanians. Every time we are trying to deride certain things. You know, some talk very well English, German, French and they go to Brussels to tell what Brussels wants to hear. They actually don’t say what they should for this country. I am a convinced pro-European, but I have always endorsed my country and obtained results The fact that we are talking good or bad a foreign language or another is relevant, of course, but it is important what you are doing for the Romanians both in your country and abroad”, Dancila argued.

Asked of Romania’s exceeding the deficit target for this year during her press conference there, Dancila denied Romania will exceed the target deficit for 2019, contradicting the Opposition’s reports on this issue.

We have managed to stay within the limits every time, there was no danger from this point of view. We are within the target limits of the deficit,” said Dancila.

She said that if she doesn’t win presidential election, she will find a job where she can perform. Dancila slammed President Iohannis, saying that “male presidents have brought a lot of division and hatred in the society” and that’s why the country needs a first woman president.

“I was the first lady PM, the first lady running a political party, I wanted to prove that a woman can. First of all, I made all efforts to not disappoint women. If I had failed as a prime minister, maybe many women who wanted to have careers would have been marked that the first lady PM failed her job”, she argued.

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