Outgoing PM Dancila makes new blunder during electoral visit

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Outgoing PM Viorica Dăncila, has made a new blunder during an electoral visit to Marasesti, Vrancea, saying she fights “against a country”, and “not against the person of Klaus Iohannis.”

I think I am the only one who have proved I am really fighting against candidate Iohannis, I am not fighting against a person, I am fighting against a country where all Romanians should identify to. I am fighting that pensioners, youngsters, men and women should find themselves in the President’s decisions”, Dancila said, according to Realitatea de Vrancea.

During a visit to Timisoara last week, Viorica Dancila has accused those speaking English that are not patriots and that some who speak English “are going to Brussels to denigrate Romania”.

“You know, maybe some speak English very good, but they care about Romania less”, the ousted premier said.

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