Parliament decides: Detention at home and weekend detention. The law goes to President Iohannis

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The Chamber of Deputies has adopted on Wednesday the draft law on alternative measures for serving the sentences by 170 votes for, 81 against and 6 abstentions.

The law will go to President Klaus Iohannis, but it remains to be seen if the head of state will promulgate it.

The opposition has already announced that it will refer the draft to the Constitutional Court.

According to the draft bill, by decision of the judges, the defenders convicted for non-violent offences, who are not recidivists and who have a maximum sentence of five years, benefit from home arrest or on Saturdays and Sundays, reports.

The bill was passed tacitly by the Senate in November 2017.

Opposition calls the bill ‘folly’

PNL will challenge the draft bill to the Constitutional Court.

“PNL will not vote in favour of this draft, in the way it came from the Law Committee, as it has nothing to do with what our colleagues proposed and with the purposes: to contribute to the relief of penitentiaries from the current agglomeration and to prevent and reduce recidivism. Unfortunately, you have perverted both issues. (…) You have developed a draft that introduces alternative legal measures to conditional release as legal innovation. That is the effect of the amendments that have been submitted to the Law Committee,” PNL MP Gabriel Andronache said.

USR Deputy, Stelian Ion, member of the Law Committee, said that by the amendments as alternative measures for serving the sentences, PSD is acting as an ‘arsonist’ who wants to solve the issue of corruption by repealing the entire Criminal Code, eventually.

“This is folly, your proposal for detention at home. (…) PSD has simply taken over another draft filed by our colleagues (PNL – our note) and has made amendments – I’ve counted 18 – to eight articles, has completely changed its content and has relaxed the law, continuing its older steps on decriminalisation, on relaxing the criminal law. PSD is destroying justice, weakens the criminal laws, widely opens the penitentiaries’ gates,” Stelian Ion said.

On Monday, the Chamber of Deputies Law Committee gave a positive opinion to the draft, by 13 votes for, 9 votes against and 2 abstentions.


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