Parliament Oks Grindeanu Gov’t. What did the PM designate pledge? Swearing-in ceremony, president Iohannis delivers tough speech


The Parliament’s plenary sitting Okayed the Grindeanu Government on Wednesday evening. The new Cabinet was invested by 295 votes to 133.

The plenary sitting was attended by 433 senators and deputies out in the total of 463 lawmakers. 429 votes were cast, and one vote was annulled.

The voting procedure was secret. PNL, USR and PMP announced they would veto the Cabinet.

PM designate Sorin Grindeanu told MPs that the vote cast today represents a huge responsibility. At the beginning of his speech in Parliament he underlined that the Gov’t will not belong to him or to PSD, but to Romania.

He underlined that the first option of PSD-ALDE option, Sevil Shhaideh would have been <an excellent version> and that Liviu Dragnea behave like a real statesman by avoiding a very harmful political crisis.

“I propose to you today another target which is comprising the rest in my view- a normal Romania. I propose to me and to you to have a different country where people should live well and to enjoy the same rights and liberties. I wish a normal country where things are they way it should be, where the abnormal should be an exception and not a rule. The first sign of normality is that the politicians elected in public offices should respect what they have promised during the campaign and to enforce all measures for which they have been voted. You’ll find in the ruling programme all measures tabled in the electoral campaign (…),” Grindeanu said.

The premier designate said he wishes a country where the economic growth should be seen in the citizens’welfare.

“Our actions’ goal is the welfare of those who voted us and who pay taxes (…) We are not coming into power to draft beautiful statistics on paper, while the economic growth is useless if it is not seen in the Romanians’ pocket in a way or another,” the PM designate added.

He continued that a normal country means no queues for paying taxes and that the gov’t should eye higher wages for its citizens.

Grindeanu pledged that the Executive would “force” the state authorities to accept the online payment of taxes and to abolish the debts that cannot be paid online by January 1st, 2018.

The prime minister designate also said that he would like to have a civilized relation and a constructive dialogue with the Opposition parties, as “political accounts” in Romania in the past ten years have seriously affected the institutions’ activity. “I invite you to we get out of this logic of conflict and to cultivate the dialogue instead,” he stated.

In his turn, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said that it’s important for every political leader to win elections, yet adding that he has learnt that it’s more important the way the victory is managed. Dragnea stressed that’s why the swearing of a new Gov’t si being voted in Parliament and not the President’s impeachement. The SocDem chairman also said that the ruling will not be made at the party.

The Liberals vetoed the Grindeanu Cabinet. The PNL interim chairwoman Raluca Turcan argued that the Liberakls would not vote a Cabinet of interposed, saying the governmental team proposed by the Social Democrats represents „a slap in the Romanian people’s face” and that this gov’t will not belong to the Romanians, but to Liviu Dragnea.

Save Romania Union (USR) also vetoed the Government, arguing that its economic programme is “unsuccessful”, while eyeing the subordination of the public interest to the party interests and the obedience to the party.

People’s Movement Party (PMP) run by former president Traian Basescu also vetoed the Cabinet led by Grindeanu, arguing the gov’t has no personality or expertize and will push Romania backwards.

All those 26 ministers proposed to be part of the Grindeanu Cabinet have got the green light of the Parliament’s special committees on Wednesday. However, the opposition parties slammed the hearing procedures, arguing they lasted several minutes and the candidates for the minister positions didn’t have the time to answer the questions.

The journalists also reported that the media representatives were thrown out from the sitting where the minister nominated for the Interior portfolio, Carmen Dan, was being heard.

Swearing-in ceremony at the presidential palace. President: You must deliver on the campaign vows

Later in the evening, the members of the Sorin Grindeanu Government sworn into office in front of President Klaus Iohannis at Cotroceni Palace. The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and Liviu Dragnea, respectively, as well as the President of the Constitutional Court of Romania, Valer Dorneanu also attended the swearing-in ceremony.

President Klaus Iohannis told the ministers of the new Government that demanding pledges lie ahead the Executive, while calling on them to deliver on what was promised in the electoral campaign.

“From now on, you are the Government of Romania. You have a tough mission, you have to achieve demanding promises. You must deliver what was promised in the electoral campaign,” President Iohannis told the swearing-in ceremony of the new Cabinet.

“The electoral campaign is not just a media circus. Pledges have been made during the campaign, you have been voted for that and this is what the Gov’t has to deliver. I hope one day you will explain to me how you will do in order to come under the budgetary deficit of 3%, to increase salaries and to cut down the VAT. I expect you to keep Romania’s euro Atlantic direction clear, visible and declared, meaning you have to do your best to strengthen Romania’s position in NATO and EU.

I expect you, and so do many others, to do your best to support an independent justice in Romania, meaning to strengthen the rule of law, you have sworn to do your best for democracy in Romania and this cannot be done without an independent judiciary. I am waiting for you to responsibly manage the public finances,” President Klaus Iohannis underlined.

“It’s not only the internal stability that matters to us, but also the regional stability. I want Romania to be a mighty country, a pole of stability and security in the region. For that all of you need to get involved each in their field,” Iohannis added.

In the end, the head of state ironized the Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea, hinting to the fact that some ministers were not able to provide answers to the MPs’ questions at the committees’ hearings in Parliament.

“Mr. Dragnea, we heard from TV that you are the only one who knows the ruling programme from cover to cover. I kindly ask you to also teach them. I wish you good luck for Romania,” the President said.


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