Parliament OKs special pensions by 85%, including the pensions of military and magistrates following PSD-PNL deal

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The Parliament has passed today a bill on the taxation of all special pensions by up to 85%, with the draft being endorsed by all parliamentary parties, but mostly following an agreement sealed between PSD and PNL.

There has been an overwhelming vote for the special pension taxation, the law passing by 307 votes to just one against.

The draft bill had got a favorable opinion from the special committees. According to the draft, after the amendments in the special committees, the special pensions, including the ones of military pensioners and of magistrates will be taxed by 85% if they are higher than RON 7,000 and by 10% for those ranging between RON 2,000 and RON 7,000.

“All special pensions in Romania will be taxed, and those higher than RON 7,000 will be taxed by 85% following an amendment initiated and endorsed by PNL and PSD. We’ll act similarly also in the case of MPs pensions so that all social inequity should be removed among pensioners”, said Florin Roman, the leader of the Liberal deputies.

PSD has proposed and will vote the drastic taxation of special pensions! By 85%! All pensions in Romania must be brought to a decent level, comparable to the ones in the public system. It’s binding that this money goes to allowances and pensions and not in the pockets of the PNL’s political clientele“, said PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu.

On the other hand, USR accused that the drafted amended by the committees is taxing all pensions, not only the special ones. However, they endorse the  bill. “Special pensions are robbery. The law has been pushed to the committees on fast forward. The bill must not have been drafted at such a short notice, but it’s good we tax these special pensions. We are giving up today this shameful system that allowed some to have pensions of RON 76,000”, said USR MP Claudiu Nasui.

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