Parliament plays out time in DNA requests over Microsoft licenses


The Parliament drags on calling the shots over the criminal pursuit of some ex-ministers charged with corruption in the Microsoft licenses file. The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has recently asked for the prosecution of Senator Ecaterina Andronescu – for abuse of office, bribe taking, influence peddling and money laundering, MP Valerian Vreme – for abuse of office, Senator Serban Mihailescu  – instigation to abuse of office, influence peddling and money laundering. According to the procedure, DNA has to get the the lawmakers’ approval in order to get them prosecuted.

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu said yesterday the prosecutors’ requests on Andronescu and Mihailescu were to be handed out to the Senate Legal Committee, which will return an answer and file a report within 15 days. The Chamber Legal Committee has to file a report regarding Valerian Vreme in 10 days.

Yet, adjournments will undoubtedly follow, as the Senators are set to leave for the presidential elections’ vacation in about four days and it is hard to believe that committees will be able to convene any sitting or hearing in these circumstances.  A first side effect has already emerged on Wednesday, when the last Senate plenum session before the electoral vacation was adjourned due the lack of quorum.

At the same time, the Opposition blames the Social – Democrat Party (PSD) for slowing down the parliamentary proceedings in the Microsoft case in order to stand up by PM Victor Ponta whose name was brought up in the file by an anonymous “Deep Throat” witness. “PSD Senators are at wits’ end and are forging all kind of quibbles to block in Parliament everything that could grub up possible illegal actions of the PSD contender for Presidency, Victor Ponta”, the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) representatives told a press release.

Despite the whistler’ s disclosure, DNA told Agerpres that PM Ponta is not indicted in Microsoft file and he is neither a suspect. On Tuesday, Ponta has personally denied he had any connection with the Microsoft license contracts, assuring he is willing to place himself under DNA’s power for further inquiries.

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