Parliament sacks Ombudsman Renate Weber, PSD to refer case to the Constitutional Court

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The Parliament has dismissed Renate Weber from the position of Ombudsman on Wednesday. The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has refused to vote and announced they will challenge the vote to the Constitutional Court. The ruling coalition has not nominated yet another person to replace Weber as Ombudsman.

The Parliament has adopted the resolution to revoke Renate Weber by 247 votes to 32.

The legal committees of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies had previously adopted the revocation report against Renate Weber by the votes of PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR.
During the vote in the plenary session PSD and AUR have left the hall. “We are witnessing an execution”, Social Democrat MPs argued, also announcing they will refer the Constitutional Court on this case.
In her turn, the dismissed Ombudsman Renate Weber has rejected the revocation request, adding that, hadn’t she been invited just one hour before the session, she would have brought documents to prove her activity at the helm of the institution.
“I haven’t found the article in the Constitution that I violated, there are only general references invoked,” Weber said.
The parliament had rejected the activity reports of Ombudsman and of the National Audiovisual Council on Tuesday.
Sources from the ruling coalition told that UDMR had proposed university professor Gyual Fabian from the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj as Ombudsman, while the Liberals are endorsing Flavius Antoniu Baias, professor at the University of Bucharest.
In mid-May, the coalition leaders discussed and agreed that the nomination for Ombudsman should come from UDMR.

Gyula Fabian graduated the Law School of the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca in 1994 and he has a PhD in legal sciences on “International Public Law” (2001). He had a Herder scholarship at the University of Vienna and of Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for human rights. He was also prosecutor within the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Cluj Court of Appeal.

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