Parliament special committee: The vote in Diaspora at the presidential election to take place over three days

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The joint special committee of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, set up to amend electoral laws, has decided on Thursday that the vote in Diaspora for the presidential election to take place on the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in order to avoid the previous queues at the EP elections and at the previous presidential election in 2014.

Voting will start at 7 a.m. local hour and ends at 21:00 on Sunday. By way of exception from the provision of paragraph 1, voting abroad will take place also on Friday and Saturday, before the voting day.

On Friday, the voting starts at 12:00hrs local hour and ends at 21:00hrs and on Saturday, the voting starts at 07:00hrs local hour and ends at 21:00hrs”, reads the report adopted by the electoral code committee.

Another important decision taken by the committee is the one that allows voters in diaspora who are in the polling station at 21:00hrs or who are still queuing to vote when the stations are closing to be able to still exert their right to vote until 23:59hrs.

A member of the electoral bureau of the polling station, designated by the chairman of the bureau will check at 21:00hrs if there are voters outside the polling station waiting to vote and will decide on the order in which voters will have access into the polling station.

The committee on the electoral code decided on Wednesday to introduce the vote by mail and the vote in advance at the presidential election.

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