Parliament votes the pensions’ rise by 40pc


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The Parliament has voted on Tuesday to increase pensions by 40% through an amendment endorsed by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to the budget rectification law.

At the same time, another amendment adopted by  the plenary session also says that wages of teachers must be also increased this year, while the local authorities would get more money.

The law amendments have passed by 242 votes, by the votes cast by PSD, ALDE, Pro Romania and UDMR.

On the other camp, Liberals announced they would refer the law to the Constitutional Court.

According to media reports, PSD lawmakers have accepted the request filed by UDMR to remove from the law the cap previously imposed by the Social Democrats through which the public debt cannot be higher than 40pc of the GDP.

The Government imposed in he budget rectification draft a cap of 44pc , which has been decreased by PSD in the committees to 40pc.

UDMR has conditioned the support for the draft law by the removal of the cap.

Attending the plenary session of the Parliament today, Finance minister Florin Cîțu has told MPs that these amendments prove “hypocrisy”, reminding a note of the former PSD FinMin Eugen Teodorovici who admitted that pensions cannot be increased.

In a time of economic growth, without pandemic, the PSD Government knew they cannot rise pensions by 40% (…) A group wants now to blow the country up”, said Cîțu.

PM Ludovic Orban has also slammed the Parliament’s vote, describing PSD as “Romania’s public enemy number one”, and “economic criminals” who affect the country’s financing capacity.

PSD has proved one more time that it is Romania’s enemy. PSD’s irresponsibility risks throwing Romania into an economic crisis that it has just overcome. To vote,  under the circumstances of an economic contraction that prompted a lack of revenues, rise of 6.7% of GDP without an additional income, proves that PSD is, in fact, the public enemy number one of Romania and of the Romanian economy”, the PM said.

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  1. Ben Jager says

    If the plans for the PSD go ahead, Romania will be given a very bad name as a politically unstable country that writes bad checks. This is not good for Romanian citizens. It’s pure immoral power politics. Or will it be driven by Liviu Dragnea from prison? In this way, the country will be disturbed into a deep economic crisis and Romanian citizens will eventually fall victim!

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