Parliamentary budget committees vote for a 40pc pension rise. PNL threatens to refer CCR

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The MPs of the joint budget committees in Parliament have voted today for the pension increase by 40pc. Those 20 lawmakers in the committees have voted for the repeal of the article in the state budget law that envisaged the increase of the pensions only with 14pc, instead of 40pc.

If the form voted in the committees also obtains the vote of the Parliament’s plenary session, the pensions will have to be increased by 40%.

Liberals have missed the committee’s sitting and the only one who voted against PSD amendments was USR deputy Claudiu Nasui.

At the same time, the amendment in the state budget law delaying the increase of the teachers’ wages by 2021 was also repealed. If this amendment gets through the vote in the plenary sitting next week, the law on increasing the teachers’ salaries as of September 1 is also coming into force.

Another amendment to the budget law is the allocation of RON 400 million for the Start Up Nation programme.

Former PSD Labour minister Marius Budai argued in the committee’s sitting that the pension rise by 40pc can be endorsed if the Government is increasing the minimum salary and if is hiring 2 million people.

PNL’s strategy was to be absent from the sitting to prevent the sitting quorum so that the sitting could be cancelled. PMP and UDMR lawmakers have also been absent, but eventually PSD managed to convince enough MPs to attend the sitting and to secure the quorum.

The leader of Liberal deputies, Florin Roman, has announced in a press release that PNL will refer the budget law to the Constitutional Court if the law amended in the budget committees is voted by MPs in the plenary session. Roman argues that, by the Social Democrats’ amendments, namely the increase of pensions by 40 pc and the rise of the teachers’ salaries, PSD ‘has set Romania on fire’, by engaging expenses of RON 65 billion.

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