Parliamentary committee for SRI control accuses George Maior with conducting political police activities, paper reads

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The parliamentary committee for SRI control has accused the former Director of the information service of conducting political police activities against politician, among them Klaus Iohannis and Eduard Hellvig. In turn, Maior allegedly intervened in favour of former PM Victor Ponta, investigated by the Fiscal Administration body (ANAF), reports.

The committee’s report on the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) includes information that the service had sent 71 special and simple notifications to the National Integrity Agency (ANI) targeting 600 people, among them ministers, MEPs, MPs, even secretaries with the city halls.

The document further reads that SRI and ANI signed a cooperation protocol on March 16, 2011. The report is called ‘Report on the use of SRI and ANI by George Maior for political purposes’.

The report has been adopted by 6 votes for and 2 against, the same source reads.

According to ‘Romania libera’ newspaper, the committee says George Maior was SRI Director during October 2006-January 2015 and “has violated the legislation that regulated the institution’s activity and has taken the institution in blamable activities, which affected the political parties or natural persons or legal entities. Such issues are in fact political police activities.”

The committee further claims that these actions took place for his own benefit, to obtain illegitimate political influence in view of becoming prime minister if Victor Ponta was to win the Presidency. The committee also says George Maior had a special relation with ANI head Horia Georgescu and has weekly meetings with him.

“Following the hearings, the SRI committee found that there are suspicions that the former SRI Director was interested on the development of certain files at ANI and of files in court.

The incompatibility file on Klaus Iohannis was initiated based on a notification from SRI. “On February 23, 2013, the day when Klaus Werner Iohannis joined PNL, the notification was sent by SRI to ANI, which reveals a vicious working style, meant to influence the political life,” the committee informs.

Klaus Iohannis and Victor Ponta competed in the presidential race, but the file intended to prevent Iohannis from running for presidency, on reasons of incompatibility, was rejected by the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court).

George Mior is currently the Ambassador of Romania to the United States.

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