Parliamentary delegation to pay a visit to Norway to discuss the case of Bodnariu family

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A parliamentary delegation made up by members of the Committee for Romanians abroad intends to pay a visit to Norway during January 18-21 to discuss the case of Bodnariu family, the chairman of the committee, PNL deputy Mircea Dolha, said on Wednesday.
“We will discuss very clearly, what investigation has been conducted regarding the family and the children. We want to learn as much of the unknown issues. We have requested to see the social investigation carried out on which the children were taken away from the family,” Dolha added.
The MP said the committee members are trying to set meetings with their counterparts in the Norwegian parliament, with the government members and with the representatives of the child protection institution, waiting for confirmations.
“The visit is not 100% certain, until we receive the confirmation from the Romanian embassy in Norway, but most probably it will take place during January 18-22, a two-day visit. (…) The Romanian embassy has sent all our requests to the Norwegian parliament, as well as to the Norwegian Ministry for Social Protection and to the Norwegian government,” Dolha added.

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