Partial local elections 2020: The big surprises


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The preliminary results of the local elections show revealed some surprises. For instance, Marian Oprisan, known as a longtime Social Democrat “baron” has lost the presidency of the Vrancea County Council after 20 years, while Liberal Nicolae Robu has lost the Timisoara mayor seat in front of the young German-born Dominic Fritz (USR-PLUS). In Deveselu, the mayor seat has been won by the late PSD candidate…who died of Covid-19 on September 17.

Another big surprise was in Brasov, where another USR-PLUS candidate, Allen Coliban has won the mayor seat, after defeating the incumbent mayor George Scripcaru who has been running the city since 2004.

The mayor of Ciugud commune, Gheorghe Damian, ousted from PSD two years ago, has won a sixth mandate in a row as a mayor, by an overwhelming 88.2%. Ciugud is dubbed as the richest commune in Romania, as it has attracted the most numerous EU funds and looks like a locality in western Europe.

County councils ranking

As for the leadership of the county councils, PSD (red on the map) has representatives in 20 counties mainly Oltenia, Moldavia and Dobruja, PNL (blue) in 17 counties, mainly in Transylvania and Muntenia, and UDMR (yellow) in four counties, where the Magyar community is predominant.

Alba – PNL
Arad – PNL
Argeș – PSD
Bacău – PSD
Bihor – PNL
Bistrița – PSD
Botoșani- PSD
Brașov – PNL
Buzău – PSD
Călărași – PSD
Caraș – PNL
Cluj – PNL
Constanța – PNL
Covasna – UDMR
Dâmbovița – PSD
Dolj – PSD
Galați – PSD
Giurgiu – PNL
Gorj – PSD
Harghita – UDMR
Hunedoara – PSD
Ialomița – PSD
Iași – PNL
Ilfov – PNL
Mureș – UDMR
Maramureș – PNL
Mehedinți – PSD
Neamț – PSD
Olt – PSD
Prahova – PNL în alianță cu USR PLUS
Sălaj – PNL
Satu Mare – UDMR
Sibiu – PNL
Suceava – PNL
Teleorman – PSD
Timiș – PNL
Tulcea – PSD
Vâlcea – PSD
Vaslui – PSD
Vrancea – PNL


Marian Oprisan has lost the helm of Vrancea County Council to a young Liberal senator, Cătălin Toma, aged 43. Yet, PSD is winning the city hall of Focsani through Cristi Valentin Misăilă.

Târgu Mureș, another big city at the heart of Romania is also changing the mayor. After having been run by Dorin Florea for the past 20 years, the city has a new mayor, Soos Zoltan, an independent candidate endorsed by  UDMR. Soos Zoltan, aged 44 is an expert in archaeology and has 6 children.

In Iasi, PNL has won the city hall through the incumbent mayor Miha Chirica, who, however, came from PSD.

In Constanta, Liberal Vergil Chitac has won by 28.41%, just 4 percents more than the USR-PLUS candidate, Stelian Ion-24.28%, according to the partial results. The Liberals have also won the County Council leadership in Constanta: PNL – 36.24 %, PSD – 23,36% and USR: 13.19%.

USR-PLUS candidate has been a clear winner of Campulung Muscel city hall. Elena Lasconi was a former journalist and TV producer.

A less unusual situation was reported in a commune in Dolj county, Sadova commune, where the PMP mayor, Eugen Safta has died soon after he had been re-elected for a new term. Safta started to feel sick several hours after the polling stations had been closed. Despite the CPR procedures, the mayor died, most probably due to a heart attack.

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