Partial results EP elections: PNL ranks first, USR-PLUS breathing down PSD’s neck. PSD smashed up in Diaspora, outranked by independent candidate

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The National Liberal Party (PNL) is ranking first in the EP elections in Romania with 26.23pc after counting 96.93% of the votes in the country, according to provisional results.

PSD comes second with 23.68 % and USR-PLUS third with 20.51%. USR-PLUS Alliance 2020 is ranking first on the vote in Diaspora (38%), and in Bucharest. USR-PLUS is also winner in some of the big cities in Romania, including the capital of Moldavia, Iasi, where the Alliance 2020 obtained 37 pc according to provisional results based on 98% vote count. In Iasi, PNL ranked second with 25% and PSD third with 20%.

As for the referendum, out of 2,004,902 centralised votes, 1,625,321 were favorable to banning amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds, while 1,619,681 votes out of 1,992,857 agreed to banning GEOs on crimes and judiciary.

The turnout for the EP elections stood at 49.01% and at 41.27% for the referendum.

Official partial results

  • PNL – 26.23 %
  • PSD – 23.68 %
  • USR-PLUS – 20.51 %
  • PRO Romania – 7.01 %
  • UDMR – 6.07 %
  • PMP – 5.55 %
  • ALDE -4.24 %

71.16% of the votes in Diaspora have been counted until now, with provisional results pointing to a score of 42.56% for USR-PLUS Alliance 2020, followed by PNL-31.56%, PMP-9.00%, PSD-2.76%, Pro Romania-2.71%.

In Diaspora, PSD has been outranked by an anonymous independent candidate, George Simion , who got 3.31%

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