Partial results of general election: Senate – PSD: 29.71%, PNL – 25.8%; Chamber – PSD: 30%, PNL – 26.10%

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PSD has won the 2020 parliamentary elections, with 29.83% of the votes, followed by PNL – almost 26% and USR-PLUS with around 16%, according to partial results announced by the Central Electoral Bureau  after counting 99.91% of the votes without those in Diaspora.

AUR is the new party that enters Parliament, with around 9 percent of the votes, while Pro Romania (led by ex-SocDem PM Victor Ponta)  is under the electoral threshold of 5pc, thus failing to enter Parliament. It is unclear yet for PMP, founded by former president Traian Basescu, if it has enough votes to enter Parliament, with the vote counting giving it below the electoral threshold or barely reaching to 5%.


The big surprise though is the score of AUR, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, a totally unknown party, set up in December 2019, dubbed as the new PRM, a far right party, ultra nationalist and anti-European party, lobbying for the traditional family, for the union with R. of Moldova and whose members distinguished themselves during this electoral campaign for anti-face mask stances. AUR leader, George Simion, 34, is known as an ultras, an extremist supporter of the Romanian football team.

Partial results for the Chamber of Deputies

PSD 30.00%

PNL 26.10%

USR PLUS 15.89%

AUR 9.38%

UDMR 5.97%

PMP 5.00%

Pro România 4.25%


Partial results for the Senate

PSD 29.71%

PNL 25.8 %

USR-PLUS 16.01%

AUR 9.26%

UDMR – 5.98%

PMP 5.00%
Pro Romania 4.19 %


Partial results in Bucharest: USR-PLUS leading

Chamber of Deputies

  • USR PLUS – 29.26%
  • PSD – 26.33 %
  • PNL – 21.46%
  • PMP – 5.62%
  • Pro România – 4.1%
  • UDMR – 0.16%
  • AUR – 4.9%
  • PER – 1.2%


  • USR PLUS – 31.5%
  • PSD – 27.3%
  • PNL – 21.3%
  • PMP- 6.4%
  • Pro România – 3.5%
  • UDMR – 0.2%
  • AUR – 4.9%
  • PER – 1.3%
USR-PLUS also first on Diaspora votes
USR-PLUS has ranked first on the votes cast by the Romanians in Diaspora, with over 29%, while PNL and AUR are in tie score, fighting over the second place.
Provisional results for the Senate- Diaspora vote
  • USR-PLUS: 29.68%
  • PNL: 25.49%
  • AUR: 25.48%
Provisional results for the Chamber of Deputies- Diaspora vote
  • USR-PLUS: 29.49%
  • AUR: 25.39%
  • PNL: 25.27%

AUR, the big suprise in Diaspora as well, first on votes in Italy and second in Spain

AUR obtained 36.16% in Italy, ranking first, likewise in Cyprus – 36.71%, and second in Spain – 26.73% and France – 25.87%.

Spain and Italy are the two countries in Europe hosting the largest communities of Romanians from abroad.

AUR’s controversial future MPs

Besides the leader of the party, George Simion who ran on the first position for a deputy seat, there is also Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă, running on the position for a senator seat. Sosoaca is a lawyer, also representing the Archbishop of Tomis, Teodosie in his attempt to appeal against restrictions imposed on pilgrimages.

Sosoaca has become a star of the social media in a very short period of time, after distinguishing herself in video clips that lobbied against the restrictions imposed to counter the COVID-19 pandemic and as representing Teodosie in court in the St. Andrew pilgrimage case.

Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă has also gained notoriety and electoral recognition particularly following the coronavirus pandemic for her extremist and bigot stances against the restrictions.

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    In any civilised country, jerks like Diana Ivanovici-Shoshoaca & George Simion would be in prison, and the SDP & GOLD parties outlawed.

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