Party leaders react, claim victory and express hopes

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USR’s Nicusor Dan: A great victory for a party born six months ago

USR chairman Nicusor Dan has claimed his party has registered a great victory in elections for a party set up only six months ago.

“The election day is over. It’s a great win for a party set up only six months ago. I thank all those who have voted, those who donated us and those who have supported us. Our representatives in parliament have the duty to fulfil their promises and we, as a party, should continue on the same coordinates: integrity and competence.” Nicusor Dan wrote on his Facebook page.

ALDE’s Tariceanu: The President should accept the people’s will

ALDE co-chair Calin Popescu Tariceanu said that President Klaus Iohannis should accept the people’s will.

“I thank all Romanians for making possible this day of change. Due to your vote we have the chance to lead the country in the right direction. The elections have proved there’s only one liberal party, i.e. ALDE,” Tariceanu wrote on his Facebook page.

He also called on President Klaus Iohannis to accept the “will of the people at the polling stations”.

“I call on PNL members to join ALDE if disappointed by the way the party was led lately, against all principles of liberalism. I call on President Iohannis to accept, without hidden thoughts, the people’s will as seen at the polls. Romania has been returned to Romanians by their own will,” Tariceanu has said.

Traian Basescu: I missed the opportunity to become Premier due to PNL

PMP leader Traian Basescu, former head of state, said jokingly that he is satisfied with the results. “Thanks all those who have had the courage to vote for a new party. I agree for the first time with Antena3 TV that we will get 6%. I regret I missed the opportunity to become prime minister, due to PNL. We’ll be in opposition against PSD and most probably against ALDE. It’s true the PSD hasn’t reached the threshold of 50%, but the gap against PNL is great. It’s very hard for the president to force the constitution,” Basescu said.

Kelemen Hunor: UDMR’s results are good, we want a new social pact

UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor believer the results are fair and good and claims a new social pact between the majority and the minority is needed.

Hunor said in Cluj Napoca that the UDMR representatives will fight for a better Romania, for a more powerful Transylvania, for rights for the Hungarian minority.

“If we get 6% we will have a strong representation in parliament. We thank our voters and we will fight for a better Romania, for a stronger Transylvania, for Hungarian minority’s rights. For us it is important to have a new pact between the majority and the minority so that a Hungarian ethnic does not feel he is in peril when it comes to identity, culture, national identity,” Kelemen Hunor said.


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