Petition ‘Exclude PSD’ from the family of socialists filed to European Parliament

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The petition ‘Exclude PSD’ from the family of European socialists, signed by almost 18,000 citizens, was filed on Tuesday to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. According to a release from #Rezist Zurich sent to, the petition was received by social-democrat MEP Jo Leinen, member of AFCO committee for constitutional issues with the European Parliament.

The delegation which filed the petition was made up by 4 petitioners and the meeting with Jo Leinen lasted half an hour.

“The delegates argued the need to exclude PSD, a move which would distance the S&D Alliance and the European Parliament from a very controversial political party, currently under the control of persons who have weakened the fundamental norms of any democratic society, by introducing a legislation criticized from the political viewpoint, but also by specialized organisms. The amendments were usually imposed by means avoiding any debates, for example emergency ordinances. The exclusion of PSD would reaffirm the values and objectives of the S&D Alliance,” the release reads.

The source also mentions that the experience so far has revealed that the passive attitude of the S&D family in regard to PSD in the latest years did not have the expected results.

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