Plane having Russian deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin on board overflew Romania. MAE’s explanations


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The plane that flew Russian deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin from Moscow to Chisinau, Republic of Moldova had to cross Romania’s air space on its way to Hungary, after it couldn’t land in the Moldovan capital due to the fog, Unimedia reports.

Rogozin is banned from entering the European Union space, being on the list of the people facing sanctions due to the Ukraine crisis.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the plane that flew the Russian deputy prime minister is a civil one, belonging to AEROFLOT and was carrying a regular flight, and the EU sanctions are not enforceable in this situation.

“The sanction regime set up at the EU level in March 2014 referring to the restrictions applied to any actions that are undermining or threatening Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence doesn’t forbid the cross-country through the EU states’ air space of some persons on the sanction list who are travelling aboard planes making regular flights. Enforcing such a sanction would oppose to the public international law signed in Chicago in 1944. Therefore, the EU’s sanction regime is not enforceable in this case, as the AEROFLOT flight was a regular civil one,” reads the MAE press release.

Dmitry Rogozin confirmed on Twitter that the plane had two unsuccessful attempts to land in Chisinau, but it had to be redirected to Budapest.

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