PLUS candidate for Bucharest mayor Vlad Voiculescu gives up candidature


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PLUS candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, Vlad Voiculescu has announced today he gives up candidature after PNL had voiced endorsement for Nicusor Dan. Voiculescu said though he will run for general councilor.

“This project is not about only one person, it’s about hundreds of experts and thousands of people who contributed to the action of changing Bucharest. We have a political reality, which confronts us with the question: how we move forward? As far as we have a candidate who is honest, who manages to gather all opposition parties and as long as we are certain this candidate will win elections over Gabriela Firea, I will not go on with my candidature under these circumstances,” Voiculescu stated.

“But if until we don’t talk only about one man for Bucharest mayor, but about a team, a General Council, local and district councils, I will not give a blank check to PNL, I’ll wait to see the negotiations”, Voiculescu added, saying he will run on the list of general councilmen for Bucharest.

He slammed however the negotiations between PNL and Nicusor Dan: “I think it’s a pity we have a candidate endorsed by more parties who has been designated backstage”.

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