PLUS leader Ciolos reacts on Article 7 warning: A direct fight between Dragnea and the EU, Romanians taken hostages by PSD

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PLUS chairman Dacian Ciolos has reacted  on Facebook to Frans Timmermans’ warning over triggering Article 7 against Romania, saying that replacing CVM „by a more drastic procedure” in Romania’s case would be the European Commission’s toughest action against the PSD Government. The former technocrat prime minister says that the only institution that can stop „Romania’s marginalisation is the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).”

Replacing CVM by a more drastic procedure and the possibility, now firmly asserted, to activate Article 7, represents the European Commission’s toughest action against PSD Government, since the beginning of the PSD fight against justice until today. The European Commission is sending a clear message: you have violated essential principles of the Unions, such as the rule of law, the separation of powers, we have tried to convince you to stop, but because you didn’t want that, there is only one solution left- sanctions. And sanctions can be among the toughest ones, from blocking European funds up to the suspension of Romania’s right to vote in the Council”, Ciolos said.

The former PM argued that this time it’s mot about the „domestic political conflicts or about the attempt to get rid of a criminal sentence”, but about „a direct fight between Dragnea and the European Union, where the Romanians are taken hostages by a party of criminals and used as shields”.

Dacian Cioloş further pointed out that the only institution able to stop „Romania’s marginalisation” is CCR. He called on the constitutional judges to declare the amendments on the justice laws as unconstitutional.

For there is no hope in the Government and in the majority in Parliament, there is only one constitutional actor able to stop Romania’s marginalisation in Europe right now: the Constitutional Court. We remind the CCR judges that they swore to defend the Constitution, and the Constitution is clearly stipulating, in the article 148, the need to block any internal rules opposite to the European principles. Honourable constitutional judges, you must declare unconstitutional the amendments operated by the PSD-ALDE-UDMR to the criminal laws. Otherwise, you’ll bear on your shoulder the complicity to the cancellation of the biggest step forward taken by Romania: the accession to the European Union,”, PLUS chairman concluded.

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