PM announces further compensatory measures of energy prices


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Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca announced today new measures to protect citizens and businesses against rising energy bills. For the current invoices, until the calculations are redone by the suppliers, they will be no penalties. The support scheme will also be extended after April 1, the head of government said.

More precisely, household consumers with a monthly consumption of up to 300 Kw/hour will benefit from the new protection scheme starting April 1.

“As of April 1, household consumers with a monthly consumption of up to 300 Kw per hour will benefit from a new protection scheme, which will include VAT reduced to 5 percent and the compensation for the green certificate and the consumption cogeneration bonus. We’ll reduce the electricity price for the consumer by compensating the cogeneration bonus and the value of the green certificates,” PM Ciuca said, adding that a support scheme for natural gas would be also drafted.

The Prime Minister further stated that in the agriculture and the food industry sectors, the support measures will be launched on February 1 and will remain active until July 1. “We are also considering the introduction of a new support scheme for SMEs starting with April 1. We will present all these measures in the next meeting of the Coalition,” Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca also said.

According to the premier, all energy and gas bills that did not comply with the ceilings provided by law will be reinstated. The prime minister says that until the bills are restored, customers will not be penalized.

The row of non-compensated energy and gas bills

In his turn, Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu said that electricity and gas suppliers who have issued invoices to customers ignoring the law that sets the price cap and offsets for invoices should return the money collected ex officio, not withhold it from subsequent bills because they benefited from this money in violation of the law. He said that the national consumer protection watchdog – ANPC- has conducted checks at all suppliers for a week and that an ordinance will be adopted next week that will oblige suppliers to correct invoices.

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