PM announces no facemask as of August 1 on one condition

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PM Florin Cîțu has said on Friday that restrictions prompted by the coronavirus pandemic might get relaxed in Romania in two phases, and that they could be totally lifted, including the restriction on the mandatory face masks, after 10 million Romanians are vaccinated.

“I want restrictions to be relaxed as of June 1 in two stages, June 1 and end of July when we have 10 million citizens vaccinated and we can get back to normal then, meaning no restrictions, no face masks and so on,” the Romanian PM stated.

He reiterated that his and his Cabinet’s goal is to vaccinate 10 million Romanians as soon as possible.

“We have two targets for that: to vaccinate 5 million people by June 1 and 10 millions by August 1. When we reach the threshold of 10 million vaccinated Romanians we can consider to give up protection masks. Until then, I call on all of you to observe the protection measures and to take the anti-Covid jab”, Citu said.

The prime minister has recently announced that a inter-ministry committee will be convened soon to decide on the next steps to be taken in Romania to loosen restrictions as of June 1.

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