PM asks Romanian diplomats for “a better response time”, promises new HQ for the Foreign Ministry

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PM Viorica Dancila has asked Romanian diplomats reunited for the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy at the Victoria Palace on Monday, “to have a better response time” and to send the Government more assessments on the economic developments in the countries where they are accredited.

The role of the Romanian diplomatic missions abroad is to be the messengers of Romania’s economic offer, the facilitators of the contracts with the business environment in the country of residence. You are the ones that can help capitalize the collaboration opportunities (…) It is important that the doors of Romania’s embassies to be always open to the Romanian entrepreneurs interested in the foreign markets,” the premier addressed the members of the Romanian diplomatic corps at the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy.

The Prime Minister also called on the Romanian ambassadors to communicate more with the Government.

Besides the constant availability to the business environment’s requests, I expect that in your current activity you pay particular attention to the collaboration with the other public institutions. In this regard, I would like to try together to enhance the communication of the diplomatic missions with the members of the Government on sectorial projects to coordinately and more efficiently exploit those fields where agreements can be made and new contracts signed,” Dancila stated.

At the same time, she asked diplomats for “a new way to approach the economic diplomacy”, while arguing “a better response time is needed”, as well as more economic assessments.

An important aspect of the diplomats’ activity is to provide information regarding the opportunities of investments and exports, but also a concrete support to develop the local businesses. I assure you that we are closely watching the activity of the diplomatic missions,” the PM pointed out.

At the end of the diplomats’ meeting, FM Teodor Melescanu has asked the PM for help for a new building to host the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I cannot use this occasion to ask Mrs. prime minister to help us, that we have a building for MAE, not 18 locations, 100 years after the Great Union,” Melescanu said.

Viorica Dancila replied that if she turned down, she would make ambassadors her “enemies”. “The Foreign Ministry certainly needs a building, we’ll find solutions for this“, she concluded.

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