PM Ciolos at the PNL rally: No need for Messianic leaders anymore


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Over 20,000 Liberal henchmen on Sunday gathered in Revolution Square in Bucharest, rallying to the Liberal Party’s launching of the candidates for the general elections on December 11, of the Liberal ruling programme and to support Dacian Ciolos for the PM position. Supporters carried placards in support for the incumbent technocrat premier.

The Liberal rally took place under the sign of number 100: 100 years since the Union (to be celebrated in 2018), the Romania 100 platform recently launched by Dacian Ciolos and 100 new candidates of the National Liberal Party. PM Dacian Ciolos said that the future Romania cannot be built with Messianic leaders anymore, adding that the only one to dictate things to him is his own conscience.

“I saw here on various placards…about the leader concept (…) I think the future Romania cannot be built on Messianic leaders anymore”, he told the Liberal followers, adding that change begins with every of us.

“I would like to ask you to think how any of us can change ourselves before asking society and leadership to change, to be more honest, more direct when it has something to say and to have common sense,” Ciolos continued, while stressing that his own conscience is the only forum he obeys.

The premier also talked about “honesty and truth”. “The lack of involvement creates monsters,” he underlined.

“I am here first of all because you decided to endorse the Romania 100 platform and I would like this platform not to be just a sequence of statements, not to be just illusion. We tried to experiment the principles enshrined in the platform this year, but they have to shape every our action in the upcoming years,” Ciolos said, arguing he wants to work with honest politicians.

“(…) Let’s admit it, there are many things we must forget related to the way the people have gone in for politics so far, we must have honesty from a party’s base up to the top, to breathe honesty, to breathe truth and to have the courage to admit when we are wrong and when we get involved in such an action we need to have the strength to not do it to our own benefit or to a group’s benefit but we should do it because we want to gift away (…) I would like to finally have a Parliament where all MPs should work for the people. All of them,” said the Premier.

“I’d end by saying that some people were voicing ‘We want Romania back.’ I believe that more than ever having our Romania — and we don’t have to demand it from someone — by assuming our Romania, it is good to want ‘a forward Romania,'” Ciolos concluded.

Dacian Ciolos was accompanied by the Liberal chairwoman, Alina Gorghiu and other Liberal leaders, mayors and candidates for an MP seat.

Alina Gorghiu, who also brought his 6-month baby boy to the rally, launched a tough attack against the Social Democrat foes, saying that the Social Democrat Party “is feeding by desperation, poverty and regrets”. “Let’s do something to fine them when they are selling illusions. Illusion and lip service trading hurts, but this doesn’t hurt now during the electoral campaign, Romanians will hurt right away if they let themselves fooled,” Gorghiu stated.

The National Liberal Party’s honorary chairman, Mircea Ionescu Quintus sent a message to the rally, saying that over three-quarter of the people in the party’s leadership “are almost unknown to him”, which is a sign that the party reformed itself.

The 100-year-old historian Neagu Djuvara also sent a message in support for the National Liberal Party and for Dacian Ciolos, pointing out that the incumbent premier “is the best Romania’s governor at present.”

The Social Democrat’s retort to the PM’s speech promptly came along, with PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea accusing Dacian Ciolos he plagiarized him when saying there is no need for Messianic leaders, arguing he was the one who used this phrase several days ago. “I saw a little plagiarism at Mr. Ciolos tonight, but I am not offended,” Dragnea told Realitatea TV.

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