PM Ciolos’ first reaction after the vote: I would have liked to be able to thank more Romanians, particularly youngsters


PM Dacian Ciolos had his first reaction after the general elections’ outcome, thanking all those who endorsed him, while saying he would have liked to be able to thank more Romanians, particularly youngsters, for having taken part in the vote. The premier voiced hope “we can manage to keep on building on truth and not on lie.”

“I thank all of you who went to polls to cast your vote, regardless of your political options, you earned your legitimacy to monitor the mandate of the next Parliament and Government. I encourage you to preserve and develop your civic spirit, for our democracy keeps on evolving towards an active, participatory one.

I confess that I would have enjoyed being able to thank more people today, particularly youngsters, who would have cast their vote and provided a better representation and legitimacy to the yesterday’s ballot. However, absenteeism is also a choice and is a signal whose springs we must identify in order to give substance to democracy.

I regret we haven’t succeeded in giving confidence to more Romanians that civic involvement is not a luxury, but a basic element of democracy.

I respect everyone’s political choice, as essence of the democratic spirit. The main message I perceived after yesterday’s ballot is that Romania must remain the country where the law and people must be respected, where fundamental liberties and values must be guaranteed and promoted, where we need visionary projects to get together and not to come apart.

The Romanian society needs people to call things by their proper names, without rude passion, without seeding fear, without contributing to splitting up society. We have the responsibility to build together a joint far better welfare, a mature society. I hope we can manage to keep on building on truth and not on lie. I wish with my whole heart that Romania will have a responsible, open and honest ruling.

Thank you for your support and thousands of messages that I received last night!,’ reads Ciolos’ Facebook post.

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