PM Cioloş in Germany: ‘We’ve discussed the prospect that BMW becomes more present in Romania’

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Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Monday, during the official visit to Germany, that he has discussed with the BMW representatives the prospect that the company becomes more present in Romania, particularly for electric models, adding that a group of the company’s IT specialists will come to Romania.

“We also have discussed the prospect that BMW becomes more present in Romania. We have presented the opportunities related to the research and development sector, the IT sector, where Romania already offers several facilities. We have agreed that in the coming weeks we’ll organize in Romania the visit of a BMW group of IT specialists to meet various Romanian companies in this field, to envisage the opportunities for the future,” Dacian Cioloş said.

He also said that there is an interest from the car company to “look more closely to the potential Romania has. We talked mostly models about the electric cars models and about the context in which some approaches with the Romanian IT and the development research might be. But I would not like to anticipate the discussions,” Prime Minister Ciolos said.

PM Dacian Ciolos said on Monday, at a round table on the IT&C, at the Munchner Technologiezentrum, during his visit to Germany, that in Romania the IT specialists are trained in seven university centres, a part of them working abroad, in the most active zone of this field, included.

He added that IT specialists in Romania are also educated in large multinationals and in domestic start-ups.

“Romania enjoys one of the highest Internet speeds in the world, (…) and yet here too we have paradoxes because the Internet networks of the large cities are well developed whilst the rural areas have a lot of the so-called ‘white areas’,” the premier added.

“Our project is to invest to generalize these networks,” the head of the Romanian Government said , adding that this demarche should be a contribution of both the private companies’ and the state. He reminded that at the public administration’s level ‘an interconnectivity platform’ is under construction.

The debate was attended by officials with some large companies, such as UniCredit Bank, Siemens AG or BIT Technology Solutions GmbH. The round table was preceded by a lunch with representatives of some large German companies, offered by the Eastern Committee of German Economy

Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Monday morning met the Chairman of Bavarian Landtag Barbara Stamm and signed the institution guestbook.

“It is an honour for me to visit the Parliament of Bavaria, a welcoming land for our Transylvanian Saxon brothers,” Ciolos wrote in the guestbook.

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