PM Ciolos launches political platform, warns Romania might be ruled by prosecuted, indicted politicians after elections

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PM Dacian Ciolos launched the Platform Romania 100 on Monday evening, a political platform reviewing ten principles of “a ruling for citizens”, framing several national projects that the current premier thinks they “should be continued or started by the next government”.

Ciolos reminds in the document that he promised not to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections, while saying his decision “stays firm” in this respect.

The premier mandate that I took over in November 2015 had the goal of ensuring the political and economic stability of the country. At the same time, it’s role was to give the political parties the time out to reform themselves, to regain the people’s trust, to open more to the society. Some parties seem to not have followed this path. This year of exceptional politically independent ruling was for them only a form of spinning out the time, of letting energies released by the #Colectiv die away. At bottom, their way to relate to people remained the same,” says the prime minister in his platform.

He argued that he wanted to show that “Romania can be ruled differently- with honesty, correctness, integrity”, saying that “in Romania there could be a different way to manage the public interest, in dialogue with the people, starting from the idea that the general interest is better served by a professional administration, and not by a politicized one.”

This is what I started doing. Not everything went well, but we tried to honestly correct the mistakes. But, precisely because I have this expertise now, I believe that change can go on. In my view, a ruling programme after the elections due on December 11 should be developed based on some principles publicly assumed, endorsed by the parties, by politicians, by civic groups or NGOs, by businessmen, by each of us who believe this change is necessary,” the premier wrote.

The head of the Executive also reminds that Romania will be celebrating the centennial of the Great Union in 2018, meaning our country will mark 100 years of existence.

If we want Romania to thrive we need a deep reform of the state. We need a deep refresh of the political class, we need principles that our society should assume beyond political commitments and electoral cycles. That’s why I propose you the Platform #100 for Romania – Romania at the age of 100 – 10 principles of a ruling for the citizens, accompanied by a portfolio of national projects that I think they should be continued or started by the next government. A platform to regain our trust in Romania and in ourselves,” says Ciolos.

The prime minister warns that after the parliamentary elections, “Romania risks being governed by criminally investigated or convicted politicians, people who cannot represent the future anymore”. “100 years after the Great Union Romania deserves an honest political class that should be an example of morals and honesty, not of populism and demagogy. Romania deserves a Parliament whose members respect judiciary, which considers the society’s needs and expectations, which works for the country, not for private interests,” the premier’s platform further reads.

A first principle of the document refers to the anti-corruption fight. “No political force in Romania should tell against the anti-corruption fight, should weaken the judiciary and the rule of law. Corruption means poverty, corruption condemns us to under-development (…) Romania needs a strong, independent judiciary system.”

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