PM Cioloş meets Romanians in Germany: I’ll keep political independence to the end of the mandate, I will not run in 2016

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Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Thursday evening, during a meeting with representatives of the Romanian community in Germany, at the Romanian Embassy in Berlin, he will keep its political independence until the end of the prime minister mandate and that he would not stand for election in 2016.
“I decided to keep my political independence to the end of the mandate and not to run in the 2016 elections, in order to keep my credibility, as what I want to do as prime minister and what this government wants to do is what it says. We want to focus mainly on a way of doing administration in Romania to increase the efficiency and reliability of the administration, because increased confidence in the state comes first from the quality of public administration in relation to citizens and from its tasks,” PM Ciolos said in a speech at the Romanian Embassy in Berlin, during the official visit in Germany.
Cioloş said that Romanians in Germany are ‘known and recognized’ as a well-integrated community, adding that the way the Romanian communities are perceived in the Member States contribute to Romania’s image in the Union. He announced that he would pay another visit to Germany this spring, a visit to have a ‘predominantly economic nature’.

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