PM Ciolos: RON 9bn – impact on the budget coming from electoral alms


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Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has said on Tuesday that the electoral bills voted lately by the parliament have an impact of RON 9 billion (approx. EUR 2 billion – our note), the equivalent of 1% of GDP. In an interview granted to ‘Adevarul’ newspaper Ciolos added this would lead to higher deficit, a catastrophic result, or to cuts in investments.

Ciolos also said that a unitary wage law would not have financing anymore, given the raises voted by the parliamentary committees of the Chamber of Deputies Monday afternoon, that enhance imbalances between the budgetary employees.

The Premier explained that decisions such as increasing wages for the technical personnel in the health system or the cancelling of more than 100 taxes would hugely impact the budget and the government might face the situation of cutting down investments.

“There are two prospects. On one hand, seen from the budget as the Finance Minister said, everything voted lately, ahead of the electoral campaign, adds up to some RON 9 billion, i.e. 1% of GDP. We have RON 40 billion for investments which should lead to new jobs. The decisions would lead to cuts in the investment funds,” Ciolos said for Adevarul Live.

The joint parliamentary committees for labour and budget decided on Monday to increase by 15% the wages for education as of January 1, 2017, an amendment voted by PSD and UDMR MPs. Also, the deputies approved the bonuses for the health staff in 2016 as well as the increase by 25% of the wages for National Health Insurance House (CNAS) personnel.

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