PM Ciolos to address the Parliament on Monday

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The Parliament is calling on PM Dacian Ciolos to address the plenary session of the two chambers next Monday to present a report on the budgetary execution, the Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu informed on Tuesday.

“We decided to invite the prime minister in Parliament to present a report on the budgetary execution for all kind of contradictory information have been rumored lately. The joint standing bureaus agreed that the premier would be in Parliament next Monday on September 19 at 14:30. I know that he is going to leave for a visit abroad on the same day at 5 p.m. and we found this programme option,” Tariceanu stated.

He added that PM Ciolos will have 30 minutes to make the presentation at the beginning of the plenary session. MPs will also have interventions and at the end the prime minister will answer their questions.

The premier presents this economic report following the request coming from the social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea.

The government spokesman Liviu Iolu said five days ago that the PSD request is a ‘good initiative’ and enables Premier Ciolos to deliver the economic data for this year, which are very good.

“It is about 6% economic growth in the second quarter, that the revenues are above the programme, the details will be delivered by Premier Ciolos in Parliament. This would be also an opportunity to draw attention on the pressures on the budget and on the budget deficit approved by parliament coming from several law initiatives,” Iolu said.

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