PM Ciolos would barely give a 7 to his Gov’t


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Referring to the six-month balance sheet of the Government PM Dacian Ciolos told Realitatea TV on Thursday that if had to report to his own expectations, he would leniently give a 7 to his Cabinet, however adding that the Executive has been raked from all sides once the elections are getting near.

Asked what is to the score that he would give to his Government, Ciolos answered: “There must by a reference, if I reported to my expectations, I would say leniently a 7.”

The prime minister argued that the past six months “had been interesting but more difficult” than he expected when he took office, for “the people’ s expectations were much higher” than anticipated.

PM Ciolos also pointed out that in the beginning he had a normal relation with the political parties, but once the electoral campaign for the local elections is getting near the relationship “tensed up”. “We have been raked from all sides,” the premier said, arguing that many turned the Executive into a target, attacking it for things that came from the previous rulings.

Dacian Ciolos said he is content with the activity of Justice minister Raluca Pruna and of the Environment minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer. The premier considers that Raluca Pruna managed the wiretapping affair very well, the issue of prosecutors’ appointment and that she assumed “a very delicate situation, the Judiciary, which is under pressure”.

Ciolos also added that Raluca Pruna is no surprise to him, as he has known her for many years and he knows what she can do.

About the Environment minister, the premier said that after two months of accommodation, she has started ‘to deliver’.

On the other hand, the prime minister revealed that he is less content about the way Education minister Adrian Curaj has managed the issues of plagiarism, PhD thesis or the PhD schools. He mentioned he waits to see the results of the laws’ enforcement and after that he would “judge” the minister’s activity.

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