PM Citu announces getting back to normal as of June 1: “Vaccination is the only solution”

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PM Florin Cîțu has announced today that things might get back to normal as of June 1. “it is a first step”, he said, mentioning that many restrictions will be lifted, but, until then, the vaccination campaign must be accelerated. In this respect, he asked the Church to get involved more in the vaccination campaign.
“We made sure we have the necessary vaccine dose, we’ll have 10 million doses till the end of July. It is important that everybody want to get vaccinated. If we have 70% of adults vaccinated, we can also talk about re-opening the economy almost entirely,” the Head of the Executive said.
Citu added that an inter-ministry committee will be set up to establish the measures to be taken regarding the waving of restrictions. He also said that the Covid passport or the green certification will be not enforced in Romania as a prerequisite to open tourism and economy.

“I am also paying attention to the vaccination campaign, taking into account the months of April and May, and these two months we’ll have 8.3 million doses of vaccine reaching Romania. We can have 5 million people vaccinated by the end of May, even 6 million.

5 million people vaccinated represents over 50% of the population that can be vaccinated. So, we can talk about getting back to normal in May end, early June.

I said it before, we also need the Church to get more involved in this vaccination campaign, especially in the countryside,” the PM stated.

“June 1 is a first foreseeable step. It won’t mean a 100% re-opening. We also plan to have talks with all ministries, to employees and employers’ associations. We have time to prepare the opening”.

BOR spokesperson: Priests should be involved in briefing the believers on vaccination

The spokesperson of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR), Vasile Banescu said he had got vaccinated against Covid-19, adding he endorses with “all conviction” that priests should be involved in briefing believers on the vaccination campaign.

According to Banescu, BOR has voiced a favorable stance on the anti-Covid vaccination, while clerics are passing believers information about immunization within the official brochure that all religious cults have got from the State Secretariat for Cults in January.

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