PM Citu heralds bonuses cut for public employees

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The Government is reviewing the situation of the bonuses granted in the public sector in the view of drafting the 2021 state budget bill, in order to see how many of them are justified, PM Florin Cîţu said on Thursday. He also announced that amending the salary law is envisaged in order to remove inequities in the public salary system.

“We are looking at all bonuses in the public sector for the 2021 draft budget to see which of them are justified. At the same time, we’re coming up with a salary law in 2021 to remove all inequities. As it was drafted in 2017, the salary law pledged to cut inequities. After that, all kind of exceptions appeared (… and you probably recall that it has been said that Romania’s president has the highest salary (…) this is not the case anymore. These exceptions must be amended“, the PM told Radio Guerrilla.

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