PM Ciuca: Romania could receive “a fairly large number” of refugees from Ukraine. MFA ‘strongly’ recommended Romanians to leave Ukraine without delay


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Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca says that Romania is ready to receive a “fairly large number” of refugees in the event of a conflict in Ukraine, but said that so far there has been no request in this regard or repatriation.

“We are ready to act as such. There are measures in place to ensure the necessary support for a flow of refugees. So far we have no request”, Ciuca declared on Monday.

Asked how many refugees Romania could receive, from the analyzes he has, the head of government replied: “a fairly large number”.

Meanwhile, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that, amid the latest security developments in the vicinity of Ukraine and the Black Sea region, the current travel alert for Ukraine has been updated.

“The MFA strongly recommends that Romanian citizens avoid any travel to Ukraine, pay special attention, and also recommends that they consider leaving the territory of this state as soon as possible,” reads the MFA statement.

At the same time, the MFA strongly recommend avoiding travel to the Crimean Peninsula and the eastern part of Ukraine, respectively in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as in the border area of ​​Ukraine with the Russian Federation and Belarus, recalling that the security situation fluid.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also advised Romanian citizens, including media representatives, to be vigilant, to avoid large crowds, to be constantly informed by reliable sources and to promptly adjust their travel plans, depending on the security situation in the area.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recommends that Romanian citizens in Ukraine pay close attention and comply with the regulations established by the Ukrainian authorities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its diplomatic mission and consular offices in Ukraine, is ready to provide consular protection and assistance to Romanian citizens.

Russian commanders have been given the green light to proceed with an invasion of Ukraine, reports said on Sunday.
US intelligence has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already given his generals orders to proceed with an invasion, CBS reports. “The intelligence says that Russian troops have actually received orders now to proceed with the invasion,” CBS News’ David Martin told ‘Face the Nation’.

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