PM cracks the bell again: new blunder on Anthem Day


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PM Viorica Dancila has mixed up some historical data in her message delivered on the National Anthem Day on Sunday, talking about „those who gathered on Campia Libertatii  (Liberty Plain) in Alba Iulia on December 1, 1918.” Campia Libertatii is in Blaj, not in Alba Iulia, and the national assemblies from here took place in 1848.

We celebrate today Romania’s National Anthem Day, a celebration with a special meaning in the Centennial Year of the Great Union. Our anthem instilled courage to the Romanians in many moments of the modern history. It mobilized those who had gathered on Campia Libertatii in Alba-Iulia on December 1, 1918, its beats expressing back then the joy of the Romanians’ accomplished will for unity,” reads the premier’s message on the Anthem Day.

Few hours later, the message has been revised on the Government’s website and “Campia Libertatii” words have been deleted.

The national assembly on December 1, 1918 did not take place on Campia Libertatii, but on Horea’s Plain. At that time, Iulia Hossu, the bishop of Gherla, gave a speech before the people gathered on Horea’s Plain.

Campia Libertatii from Blaj, a town in Alba county hosted two national assemblies in 1848. 40,000 Transylvanian Romanians spoke with one voice „We want to be united with the Country!

Our national anthem „Desteapta-te romane!” was officially sung for the first time on July 29,1848 in Ramnicu Valcea. The National Anthem Day was proclaimed by the law 99/1998 and is celebrated every year on July 29.

Former President Traian Basescu has asked PM Dancila to step down from the Victoria Palace, stating that the premier represents „an internal and external symbol of the people”, a fact that neither she, nor Liviu Dragnea or the President has understood.

The former head of state said that Viorica Dancila is persevering in „staying glued to the Victoria Palace seat”. Basescu thinks that if Dancila had a minimum patriotism, she would understand that no citizen is allowed to „push the country towards embarrassment”.

While visiting Macedonia on Friday, Romanian PM Viorica Dancila has stated that she is the first prime minister who visits the Republic of Macedonia, but also that the citizens of this country are “Macedon”, instead of “Macedonian”. Read more here.

Another blunder made during theWestern Balkans’ tour was on Wednesday, during the visit paid in Montenegro. While in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, Dancila said during the press conference she is glad to be in Pristina, capital of Kosovo. Read more here.

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