PM Dacian Ciolos for I am not reluctant to get involved. I do not see myself in a government with PSD


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has spoken for the first time, in an interview for about his involvement on the public arena after the December elections. Ciolos told that he does not step away from a new involvement as head of government after the parliamentary elections in December, if a majority supports the ideas in his recently launched platform.

PM Ciolos excluded participation in a PNL-PSD large union government or a government including the social-democrats. Ciolos has answered questions about the activity of some ministers, about joining a party and about Romania’s opposition against the EU-Canada treaty until the visas for Romanians are lifted.

  • I said I am not reluctant to get involved, as I did in November last year. “Let’s wait for the election results. If we build an electoral campaign around one person and try to make an icon out if him, in my opinion this is not what people are waiting for.” (…) “I am not reluctant to get involved, but I don’t believe I am indispensable, to be direct.”
  • I do not believe a large coalition government could work in the next period. Anyway, I do not see myself involved in such a structure. “I believe currently Romania needs clear governance, in one direction or another.”
  • I do not see myself involved in such a formula (a government to include PSD). “I exclude getting involved in a large coalition government that does not have a clear reform direction.”
  • I never raised the issue of joining a party for the sake of joining it. “I don’t believe people are interested in this.”
  • In principle, I do not intend to get involved in the campaign, given that meanwhile we must govern. “As I am not running in elections, I will not take part to the electoral campaign as politician, however it seems normal to use some instruments to convey messages or to answer some questions.”
  • For us it is impossible to accept the EU-Canada agreement without the decision to have the visas lifted. I count on waiving the visas in 2017;
  • About marriage between persons of the same sex: I plead for tolerance with respect to the idea of traditional family;
  • I notice a desperate campaign against Kovesi (DNA chief – our note). “Mrs. Kovesi whom I see as vertical and tough in applying principles and values. It would be regrettable to affect the functioning of the institution with personal attacks staged by some.”
  • I wish there is no secret service with the Interior Ministry, but an internal protection structure;
  • Victor Grigorescu (Minister of Energy – our note) has done his job and I believe he is doing his job, we haven’t had integrity problems.


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