PM Dancila, after the speech to EP: I hope there will be no resolution. I’d never accept a ‘to do list’

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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said Wednesday evening she hopes the European Parliament will not adopt a resolution on Romania, arguing the MEPs have learned about the actual situation in Romania. Dancila said she would never accept a ‘to do list’.

“I hope no resolution will be adopted, I believe they will be better informed. I believe they pay attention to what I said in my speech; as until now they could have said they were not aware about the protocols, about the files opened on judges, that they know only a part of what is happening in Romania, now they cannot say it, they’ve heard from the Romanian Prime Minister and they have to take it into consideration,” PM Dancila said for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster.

Dancila added that a resolution on Romania would not be a sanction.

“I’ve seen lots of times that connections are being made between the resolution and article 7. I would like to assure the Romanians there is no relation between the two. It is a resolution on political grounds, this is obvious. We consider all the results of dialogues, but let’s not see relations between the resolution and article 7,” the head of the Government said.

Furthermore, she said she would not accept a ‘to do list’.

“This thing was done in Romania. No ‘to do list’. We will take into consideration and remedy if norms and European values are violated, but we want to be treated as equals to the other Member States. No more, no less,” Dancila said.

The Premier stressed she is not afraid of the next Cooperation and Verification Mechanism report.

“I am not afraid of the next CVM report, only by the fact that it could include things that are not real. The CVM is unfair for Romania,” the Prime Minister said.

The European Parliament held Wednesday morning a sitting dedicated to the rule of law in Romania, following the amendments to the laws of justice and the Criminal Codes and the violence during the rally on August 10 in Bucharest. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has attended the plenary to present the Romanian Government position.

Among others, the PM said that “half of the magistrates in Romania had files opened on their names, by which they were influenced to make decisions. It’s not only me saying this, the magistrates say it. In the end, they were acquitted and the files were closed, but they had been dismissed. Today I’ve informed you about the abuses in Romania. From now on, we cannot ignore such issues, we cannot talk about the judiciary in Romania without considering these abuses.”

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