PM Dancila answers President Iohannis: We have money for pensions and salaries

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PM Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday that the Government has money to pay pensions and salaries, as a retort to question asked by President Iohannis on this topic on Tuesday night.

President Klaus Iohannis urged the Government to explain if it still has got money to pay pensions and salaries by the end of the year, asking the rulers what are they up to with Pensions Pillar II.


As for the alleged suspension of the Pension Pillar II, the premier said ”Forget about it, it was just a proposal advanced by the National Prognosis Commission which was not agreed by the Government. I cannot talk about something that was not agreed, I did not even looked on the proposal”.

There is definitely money for pensions and salaries. Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has confirmed it, there is no problem at all and I would really like bot to cause concern among pensioners or employees,” the prime minister stated, adding that it is important for her to follow the ruling programme through.

As for the criticism on the  low absorption rate of the EU funds, Dancila said that ”Mr. President has forgotten to say that he is referring to the period 2014-2020.”

In 2016 we did not even have the management authorities accredited,” she said, adding that there are ongoing projects and Romania has 16% absorption rate compared to the 18% European average.

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