PM Dancila asks President Iohannis to refrain from statements on Romania’s taking over the EU Council Presidency

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PM Viorica Dancila has stated on Tuesday that Romania is ready to take over the Presidency of EU Council, adding that President Klaus Iohannis’s statements are harming the country and asking him to refrain from speaking on this topic.

Romania is on track to take over the Presidency of the EU Council and any statement that cast any shadow of doubt is harming Romania. We are in the homestretch, we have nominated an experienced person, he will be endorsed by more experts and can lead to a successful Presidency for Romania. I have seen statements on the rotating presidency that this Government is not ready. As premier, I can assure you Romania is ready”, Dancila said.

She called on President Iohannis to abstain from speaking.

These statements are harming Romania, I think it is unprecedented in a EU member state ad I am asking all, including the President, to refrain from speaking for Romania needs consensus, unity and good Romanians. We have got used to these attacks and I don’t want to do like he does. It’s important to communicate concrete things. Yesterday we granted state aid for nine companies. Whenever President Iohannis attacks me, I will retort with what this government is doing. Romanians are sick of disputes, I have had enough of them. I am asking the President to refrain from these statements,” Dancila argued.

President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Monday that Romania is not ready to take over the European Council Presidency, arguing the responsible stakeholders in the Government are replaced or they are leaving, while „things have got crazy”.

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