PM Dăncilă changed her mind, won’t vote at the referendum


Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă told that she would not vote anymore at the referendum on Sunday, after several days ago she had stated she would vote.

The premier said she had sent her party colleagues a message announcing them she would not vote at the referendum for justice initiated by President Iohannis.

Viorica Dăncilă added she had heard President Iohannis’ recent statements and she is unhappy with them: “I cannot agree to his statements”.

During a visit to Bacau last week, PM Dancila stated she is a supporter of the rule of law and of independence of justice and that she would go to polls to vote both for the referendum and for the EP elections. Just few hours later she went back on her statement, explaining she just said she would go to the polls, not how she will vote.

President Iohannis has said in a press statement at Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday that, in case Liviu Dragnea wanted to strip Viorica Dancila from the political endorsement for her latest opposition to the party’s orders, „PSD would not get a second chance from him” and that he would not nominate another PM from PSD.

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