PM Dancila, Dragnea defend GEO 7, say they won’t give it up

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PM Viorica Dancila has stated before meeting the representatives of the magistrates that the Government will not give up the GEO 7 that is amending the justice laws, yet hinting that some provisions that stirred discontent might be amended if they are well grounded. While telling that to the journalists, the prime minister has made a new grammar mistake: „I want to see which are the provisions that has stirred this discontent,” she stated.

„We shall not give up the ordinance. I saw public stances asking us to give up this ordinance completely. I have always said that we are being flexible, but this doesn’t mean that we must give up good things as well. Maybe some things stir discontent, if they are grounded, they can be revised, I think dialogue is very important,” said Dancila.

The Romanian PM added that before adopting the ordinance, the Justice minister had consulted with the representatives of the justice system.

„You’ll ask me why I have this dialogue with the magistrates and did not have it before. I believe that the dialogue is up to the resort minister. The prime minister has talks when there is discontent in the public space and the prime minister’s intervention is needed. I understand that the Justice minister had these discussions. More than that, we say that justice must be strong and independent in Romania, but (….) at the same time, every Romanian citizen must observe the laws,” Dancila concluded, adding that she wants to see the points that have stirred discontent.

On the other hand, journalists also asked PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea about GEO 7, asking him if it hadn’t been better if the talks with the justice representatives would have taken place before adopting it.

Dragnea initially avoided answering the journalists’ question, but then replied that, as far he knows, the article that annoyed the public opinion so much is the one related to the appointment of the European chief prosecutors and argued this provision has been inspired by the European legislation.

However, journalists told Dragnea that an article that stirs more discontent is the one taking the section investigating the magistrates from under the authority of the Prosecutor General.

Dragnea retorted that the word ‘authority’ is not correctly used in this case. When journalists insisted that the superior chief is the one leading the section, the PSD chairman replied annoyed: „I know you feel like talking, but I answered to you as delicately and respectfully as possible. I don’t want to discuss about this ordinance anymore”.





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