PM Dăncilă fears potential mass protests amid Caracal case

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During the Executive Committee meeting of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) on Monday, the party chairwoman and PM Viorica Dăncilă would have reproached the party leaders that they had left her alone to communicate on the Caracal murder case, while voicing her fears against a potential August 10 street protest.

Sources told mainstream media that Dăncilă would have also told the party that a new wide protest like the one after Colectiv fire is desired. (Ponta cabinet was toppled down by the mass protests in November 2015 after the deadly fire of Colectiv nightclub that claimed 65 lives).

In retort, PSD leaders told Dăncilă that she was the one who had asked them not to take any political stances regarding the Caracal case.

“I ask you to let politics aside those days. Please, don’t point any finger to any political party, it is no time for such disputes. Therefore, I propose to postpone the Congress due on August 3. I would like us to use this period only to find solutions to prevent such tragedies from happening anymore”, the prime minister said in a letter to her party the past weekend.

The PSD chairwoman would have also reproached her party fellows that the STS’s image had been good after the hearings in the Chamber’s Defence Committee, after she had pointed at STS as one of the main guilty in the Caracal case.

PSD Neamt leader, Ionel Arsene would have told Dancila that “the party would have liked to intervene but you asked us not to politicise the case“. Visibly upset about Arsene’s statement, the premier would have said: “This statement was not meant for you, it was for Barna and the opposition. I didn’t know you are so disciplined“.

However, Dancila rejected the supposition that the Caracal case is orchestrated by the intelligence services to destroy PSD.

Viorica Dăncilă left the PSD CEx without making any statements to the media, although “she would have told Social Democrats that she was going to announce a scoop”, according to the same sources.

Upon arriving at the PSD meeting, the premier was welcomed by protesters who booed her and chanted slogans against her and the party. One of protesters asked Dancila: “How are you? Good, with your boy appointed at the Court of Accounts?”.

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