PM Dancila goes back over embassy to Jerusalem issue: It is a personal opinion

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After announcing on Sunday during a visit paid to the US that, after completing the analysis and in full consensus, Romania will relocate the Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, PM Viorica Dancila has got back over the issue during a TV show, saying the announcement of the Romanian embassy relocated to Jerusalem was just a personal opinion.

However, he criticised President Iohannis’s stance (who had said there is no decision over that yet and that by these statements PM Dancila proves once again her ignorance in the foreign affairs), arguing the head of state has let her down again, for she mentioned in the previous statements that constitutional procedures must be completed first.

“I formulated correctly, I said that we must complete all constitutional steps first, I haven’t said I will relocate the embassy, I said we must observe the constitution. All that the President did was to let me down again for I had a correct approach and I took into consideration that Constitution must be respected, my opinion is that we must take this step, it is a personal opinion,” Dancila told Antena 3.

She voiced hope president Iohannis “will weigh and take the best decision”.

I would like to have a talk with the president (…) I saw his statement saying he was very upset about my statement. The freedom of speech belongs to anyone. Me, as a prime minister, wants to take this step (editor note: to relocate the embassy to Jerusalem). The fact that we want to move the embassy and be close to US and Israel doesn’t mean we are moving away from EU. The final call, by the Constitution, is on the president”, Dancila added.

She announced that, in case president Klaus Iohannis is refusing the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem, she will analyse all possibilities, including to refer the Constitutional Court.
Earlier on Sunday, Dancila has stated: “I am delighted to announce today, in front of the AIPAC audience, that after the completing of the analysis by all constitutional players involved in the decision-making process in my country, and in full consensus, that I, as Prime Minister of Romania and the Government I lead, will relocate the Romanian Embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel,” Dancila said. The Premier argues that the Government has initiated this assessment process in terms of opportunity after the United States decided on this issue.
Right after her statement, Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated PM Dancila for her pledge: “I congratulate my friend, the Prime Minister of Romania, Viorica Dancila, on her announcement at AIPAC that she would act to complete the procedures needed to open the Romanian embassy in Jerusalem”, Netanyahu twitted.

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